What is radii? Well, radii is a couple things.

First of all, radii is my personal brand. I use it for any work I do individually or for any company I've worked for. As you can see it is the repository of my resume and portfolio.

Second, the radii network is a concept for a select group of friends and colleagues with diverse skills who might contract individually or come together and collaborate when the needs of a client project call for it.

Church Creek TT  

Finished the 40K Church Creek TT #2 2013 under the hour.


Park Forest Crit  

On May 18, 2003 I spectated at the Park Forest Criterium bicycle race that some friends actually competed in. I took some stills and video that I'll be adding to the site soon. Congrats to Claude, Matt, and Ken.


Moab, Utah  

My friend Brett and I spent a week in Moab, UT the week of April 27, 2003. We got some good stills and video along with a few interesting scrapes and bruises. Moab rock is pretty unforgiving, but the weather was great.